There’s a Long Line of Buyers Waiting for Your House

Waiting for the “Spring Buyers’ Market” may be a mistake this year. It seems that purchasers are already out and looking to buy.

If you’re following the housing market right now, you know that many people believe the Winter months aren’t a good time to sell a home. As Senior Economist George Ratiu recently noted, “Sellers tend to be more reluctant to list during the colder time of year when the market typically makes a seasonal slowdown.”

However, a recent report by ShowingTime reveals how this year is different. Buyer activity is way up compared to the same time last year. The report explains, “The nation’s 12.6% growth in home showings compared to 2018 was the most significant jump in buyer traffic during the current four-month streak of year-over-year increases. The West Region saw the greatest growth inactivity, with a 23.1% jump – the region’s greatest in the history of the Showing Index.”

In addition to that, sellers in the DFW market are due for an even bigger surprise.  With all of the new companies moving to the area,  along with roughly 800,0000 new residents, plus a mild winter, we expect the real estate market to be much more consistent in the area throughout the year.

As real estate values continue to rise we are seeing this having a significant impact on renovations in the Dallas area as well as an increase in investors looking to pay cash for real estate.  Investor funding in the area is also on the rise. If you’re looking to renovate your home, sell it through a realtor, or work with a builder to build your dream home, we expect the market to be pretty steady over the next coming months.  With interest near all-time lows, this could be a great time to trade up to your dream home,  renovate your current home, receive a cash offer for your home, and/or build a new home in one of the many areas within the city that are begin rejuvenated.

The increase has spread across all four regions of the country, as the graph below shows:

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