Thinking about updating your home? We’d love to work with you on that.

The Story of 3200

Beautiful Remodeled 97 Year-Old Home
The story of 3200 is an example of how we can take a home that appears to be on its last leg and turn it into a beautiful home, with new life to be enjoyed as if it was just built.

Below Are The Major Steps We'll Take on Renovating Your Current Home

Meet and Greet

We’ll start with a meeting to discuss your thoughts and ideas for your renovation project. Once we fully understand your needs and budget guidelines, our team will begin our process. Our main goal here is to understand who you are, and what you’re envisioning. We’re here to…

Begin Estimate and Design

Here is where we begin to develop your project. One of our team members will meet with you at your home. We’ll analyze your home and discuss the project enhancements a bit further in detail. We’ll discuss ideas, price range, and answer any questions you may have.

Finalize Design

At this point we’ll work together to fine tune the design and scope for a perfect fit based on your feedback. Details may include items such as carpentry, wall work, electrical, plumbing, tile, concrete, roofing, and materials being used. Once we’ve refined everything to your…


At this point we’ll have come to an agreement based on everything previously discussed. Your designs will have been finalized to your liking and we’ll present you with a comprehensive construction contract.


Let’s renovate! We’ll start the official updates to your home now. Everything has been carefully planned and communicated so there are no hassles throughout construction. Any questions? We’re just a quick call away.


We’re done! Told you it would be this easy. We’ll walk through the entire update with you to make sure every little detail is correct, so that you can start enjoying your new home as soon as possible. We’re always around, just in case you have any questions after the…