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Real estate financing methods in Dallas

Agree or not, real estate is one of the safest and strongest modes of business and savings. Yes! It is one of the most profitable businesses as it is quite a rare case that property starts to devalue as there is only a higher rank in this business, but there are still quite serious misconceptions related to this business.
Jascott is here to make you feel comfortable and guide you with the best as it is not necessary to have deep pockets in the real estate business to get real estate finances, but several methods can be used to get finances. Today, we will provide you with some of the real estate financing methods in your area so you can get your hands on some sound finances in the name of real estate and open up new gates to ultimate opportunities.


It is quite an old and traditional misconception that you can only get real estate finance or mortgage your personal property. However, the truth is, you can get a mortgage even for investment in real estate. Yes! If you are looking for a brighter future and are all set with a plan, then it is the right time to get in touch with the experts at Jascott so you can get the mortgage to finance your future in the real estate industry. But how one can get a mortgage for a commercial property?
Well! The method is quite the same as applying for a mortgage over personal property. You need to have a solid credit score to apply for it, and a sparkling credit report will ease the process. You also need to have up to date and complete documents to have a fairer chance to get approval. Moreover, never directly apply for a mortgage loan without talking to an expert. Jascott will take charge and bring you the best and most reliable solution for long term satisfaction.

Portfolio lenders

An easy way to get a smaller loan! This is a kind of local loan with no institution involved, which means no proper documents and deep analysis of credit scores. But here is one thing to remember, these loans are only given to small businesses or individuals. However, these lenders do not provide long-term mortgage loans, and the interest rates are usually relatively higher. Portfolio lenders typically go with the guarantees as no specific paperwork is required, so it is essential to understand the delicacy of this loan, but for a short time, this real estate financing methods can be an excellent option to make a deal at the eleventh hour.

Hard money loans

Here comes one of the most secure and professional loans for investing in real estate. What makes this loan professional? Well! This loan works explicitly with a specific pattern and ensures coverage at any cost. Here is one more thing that needs your attention, a hard money loan specially designed to provide you with the loan against the property’s value, not the applicant’s credit history or scores. That is the sole reason behind higher interest rates and a more extended return period. But it is essential to think twice before getting such loans as they charge more than any other form of a loan. As the interest rates are higher than other traditional loans, that is why this hard money loan is always taken with short term planning and consistently applied by the giants of the real estate market at the time of late payments when they know their expenditures are going to be cleared soon. Such loans allow investors to go for the big projects and make money.

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Private money loan

This one is one of the most traditional loan methods, and it is pretty similar to hard money loans. The only difference is not by any professional institute or agency but by someone you know. Yes! It is a loan taken on a personal level but for a short time. Now coming toward the repayment time and interest rates, it is pretty interesting that everything is settled randomly as most of the time, these loans are taken from friends, close family members etc. So no high-interest rates or anything is included in this loan.

Crowd funding

Yes! A newer but quite an exciting way to go for real estate investments. This loan works on the principle of the stock market. In this way, several people buy the same property with additional shares. This method allows small level real state investors to participate in big projects to earn a significant profit. This also helps people to grow together. In this way, nothing is required, not even any specific amount, as you will only buy the shares you can afford, which makes the deal unique.

Go for the best option

Before picking any real estate financing methods, you need to understand the by-products and consequences as real estate lenders ensure the repayment that sometimes ends at taking the property. So if you are planning to get your hands on some real estate project, you need to understand all the facts and get ready to pay your lender in the decided time as a little wrong shot can make you lose everything.
Jascott will help you choose the best method as we know the importance of a suitable investment at the right time. Let us help you with our skillset, and you will see excellent results in no time as we are working with a motto to make things better at both ends. So what is the delay? Invest in real estate with the right financing method and enjoy!


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One of the many benefits offered by JaScott is its multiple financing programs. With over 50 lending options for your business, you can qualify for a loan even if you have bad credit, no collateral, or only a few months in business.
Below the link are the standard requirements, however, we have additional resources that we can use if these requirements cant be met.  If so, please set up a meeting with our financial consultant. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pziGYM4WeQ9jyqyM4E9tREi9J9bf5YAL/view?usp=sharing
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