Buy your first home

Having a house of your own is something of great joy! And that fact alone makes us want to assist you to the fullest for your loved ones’ happiness.

Buying a home is arguably one of the largest purchases that most common people make. If you’re thinking about purchasing a house, you’re probably aware of how difficult the process may be. It’s crucial to be as prepared as you can because there can be so many things to think about when you’re out to buy a home. We at Jascott are committed to providing you with the loan that best suits your unique requirements.

Buying Vs Renting a property

Buying Property

  • Real Estate Appreciation
  • Customization
  • Federal Income Tax Deductions
  • Avoid Rental Costs Fluctuations 

Renting Property

  • Avoid Maintenance & Other Expenses
  • Buying A House Is Costly
  • Market Unpredictability 

Buying Property

Real Estate Appreciation

Having the ability to build equity is one of the main benefits of house ownership. Although there is no assurance that a home will increase in value because the particulars of the property, as well as the neighborhood and city where it is situated, will have a significant impact on its worth, the majority of real estate specialists concur that the actual increase of appreciation is between 3-4% percent annuall.


Owning the property enables you to modify the house to better suit your requirements and wishes, such as if you opt to add an addition or tear down a wall.

Federal Income Tax Deductions

Up to $750,000 in a mortgage loan is eligible for a tax deduction for loan interest. This can result in sizable savings at the end of the year considering that you will probably pay several thousand dollars in loan interest over the course.

Avoid Rental Costs Fluctuations

One benefit of purchasing a home is having a set monthly payment. Whereas, your landlord may raise your monthly fee when you rent a place every year. Even though maintenance, insurance, and property taxes are inputs for owners as well as tenants, these expenditures often increase more slowly than rents do.

Renting Property

Avoid Maintenance & Other Expenses

Home ownership can be risky. A leakage in the roof is possible. It's possible for the sewage system to fail. There can be a need to fix the heating system. The water heater could malfunction. All of these fixes are pricey. Then there are natural occurrences that insurance is needed to cover.

Buying A House Is Costly

The majority of people will invest in real estate and that is the most costly purchase one makes. Additionally, the Real Estate market is a relatively expensive transaction.

Market Unpredictability

The housing market can be unpredictably volatile. It may be a peak time of the year when you purchase your property. However, property values can have significantly decreased by the time you are prepared to sell, making it challenging, if not impossible, for you to make a profit.

Having a House of Your Own is Something of Great Joy!

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