Meet Our Team

We are JaScott! An innovative home building and remodeling company that focuses on bringing environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes to the markets we serve.
Dr. Len Mallaiah

Founder and CEO

Dr. Len Mallaiah is the visionary founder of JaScott Enterprises. A Physician by trade, Len has always been fascinated with real estate. Initially this fascination was just a hobby. Over time this hobby grew into a passion, which has fueled the success of JaScott.

Len believes once you have found something you truly love, it is no longer considered work. To pursue his vision of building exceptional homes, Len founded JaScott Enterprises under the premise of being able to create healthy, happy homes, for individuals and families.

Mitchell Scott

Managing Director​

Originally from East Texas and a graduate of the University of Kansas, Mitch has 13 years of experience in Sales, Insurance, IT admin systems and Investing. As a husband and father of 2 when he is not working he enjoys tennis and spending time with family and friends.

His business practice is to run a lean operation and share the cost savings with our clients. We place a high value on our customer relationships and understand that a referral is the greatest compliment we can achieve.

Damien Evans

Lending Consultant

Damien Evans is a native Minnesotan with many years of experience in relationship management and customer service. Damien began his career in hospitality but made the switch when he learned how he could help businesses grow by providing them the capital they need. 

Damien believes that integrity, hard work, and determination are the keys to success in any path in life, and it all begins with a leap of faith. Damien is a husband and a very active father of 3. When he’s not helping businesses grow dreams, you can find him spending time with his family, friends and coaching one of his beautiful children. 

Lisa Mallaiah

Creative Director

Lisa has over 5 years experience in Creative Design and Project Management. Lisa’s passions are design, fashion, health and family. She has the rare ability to incorporate her passions into everything she does. Lisa’s business approach is to love what you do and allow your true self to be free and expressive through your work. Lisa’s ability to take bold concepts/trends and make them accessible to our clients is one of the key advantages of working with JaScott.

Vinay Gangadharan

Digital Strategy Officer

A born and raised NYer, Vinay has over 15 years of experience in Product Development, Customer Relations, and Digital Strategy in a number of different industries. In all his roles there has been one constant and that has always been to improve his customers’ experiences.

When he’s not busy thinking in his customer’s shoes, you can find him biking around the city, trying a new restaurant or just being awesome. Vinay’s easy going personality, wealth of knowledge, and positive attitude make him a great asset for our team.

Cheryl Mallaiah

Compliance and Philanthropy

Cheryl has more than 14 years of experience in Operations Management and Compliance. Cheryl’s detailed oriented nature and personality make her a great internal resource for our clients. She gives our clients great comfort in knowing that we are always just a phone call away. Her interests include spirituality, practicing presence, and meditation.