Invoice Financing

The invoice finance method is used by businesses to borrow against their customers’ outstanding invoices. The benefits of invoice financing extend to cash flow improvement, paying employees and suppliers, and reinvesting in operations and growth before their customers have fully paid their invoices.

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Invoice Financing Details


Up to 100% of Invoice Amount


When Customer Pays Invoice


8% - 30%


As Fast As Same Day

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Provide Working Capital from 10K-$5,000,000


Apply in Minutes

Our secure online application only takes 10 minutes or less. Apply today & qualify for the best options.


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We’ll review your business information and layout all the funding options we have available.


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Once approved, you’ll access working capital immediately!

Types of Invoice Financing:

There are a variety of invoice financing methods, such as:

  • Invoice Discounting:
    • A lender offers a cash advance to you based on the worth of your defaulted invoices sold to them. This is called invoice discounting. The lender pays the remaining balance minus the fee you owe when your customer pays the invoice.
  • Invoice Factoring:
    • Factoring isn't a debt technically. An invoice factoring firm purchases your invoices at a lower price for a big amount of cash. Factoring companies own your invoices and are paid after they collect payment from your customers, typically within 30 to 90 days.

    Invoice Financing qualifications

    Basically, invoice financing is available to any business that has outstanding receivables as long as they have a business-to-business model. Business to the consumer is not eligible. Factoring lenders don't consider progressive billing cycles. The offers are based on your outstanding invoices and the credibility of your customer, not so much on your revenue or profitability or for how long have you been in business.

    Our financing will be secured by your outstanding invoices, so we just need to make sure that the invoices are consistent with the value of our financing. You don't have to worry too much about the rest of your business's finances and cash flow. Your creditworthiness and the value of the invoices you submit can determine the maximum amount you are eligible for.

    The higher your credit rating, the lower the account related costs receivable financing. Some lenders look at your credit report when deciding costs, so the better your credit rating the lower the costs.

    Invoice Financing Requirements


    Over $150K


    Over 600+


    1+ Years


    From Quality & Credible Clients

    Problematic invoices are best if left to someone else

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    Frequenlty Asked Questions

    With Offices in Sanford Florida, Dallas TX, and Minneapolis, JaScott helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and real estate investors, and homeowners obtain loans and lines of create nationwide. In the state of TX and Florida, we also build new construction homes as well as provide home financing. Our team of financial advisors offers free consultations and guides you in successfully obtaining working capital. Also, our loan application process is easier and quicker than going to your local bank and gets you better rates and faster funds.
    With just 1 simple application, you can pre-qualify for up to 50 business lending programs. We make it fast and easy for you to obtain a loan, so you can focus on growing your business. JaScott offers your business high approval rates, fast funding times, and expert financial guidance.
    With JaScottl, you can apply for a number of business lending options, including :
    • Small Business Loans
    • SBA Loans
    • Short-Term Loans
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Hard Money Loans
    • Rental loans
    • New Construction
    • Business Lines of Credit
    • Merchant Cash Advances
    • Equipment Financing
    • Business Acquisition
    • Loans for Latinos Small Business
    • Loans for Women
    By completing a simple loan application, you are instantly pre-qualified for business loan eligibility. Best of all, our variety of funding programs virtually guarantee that you will get approved for a loan. Some of the factors we consider are the following:
    • How long have you been in business?
    • What are your average monthly sales?
    • Do you have business assets or personal collateral?
    • What is your credit score?
    Your JaScott Financial Advisor is ready to help you 5 days a week and can be contacted via:
    1. Telephone: Call Tel: (877) 360-7387 to have your questions answered
    2. Office Consultation: Schedule an appointment,  and visit our office or satellite locations
    E-mail: Send us an e-mail to and a Financial Advisor will respond within 24 hours
    Our online application will ask you for basic business information, such as your requested loan amount, type of business, and proposed use of capital. Once a financial advisor has reviewed your loan application, we will go over your funding options and help you prepare any additional documents.
    One of the many benefits offered by JaScott is its multiple financing programs. With over 50 lending options for your business, you can qualify for a loan even if you have bad credit, no collateral, or only a few months in business.
    Below the link are the standard requirements, however, we have additional resources that we can use if these requirements cant be met.  If so, please set up a meeting with our financial consultant.
    The first step is to complete a short 5 minute survey assessment so we can see what programs will work best for you. Once we complete this short assessment our team will review the information and see what program will work best for you. Depending on the amount of the request or the structure of the deal we will either give you a call and send you an email requesting any additional information we need or we will setup a time via a conference call with a consultant to get more information to find the best program for your needs.