JaScott has helped many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors achieve their short and long-term goals. We’ve done this by providing easy access to working capital, these are some of the industries we work with.
What We Offer

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Restaurant financing
Accessing business funding shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming. JaScott has developed a simple way to get up to $5,000,000 to cover all your restaurant’s needs. With competitive rates starting at 9% and flexible terms of 6, 12, or 18+ months.We only require 4 months of operations and a minimum monthly average of $20,000 in business revenue…
Retail store financing
YMost retail shops require fast access to working capital to enable them to finance their operations.The success of your retail store is affected by consumer spending trends. Sometimes customers need goods that you may be lacking in your store. That is where retail store loans come in to ensure that you obtain inventory to cater to your consumer’s needs. Financing for the retail store is essential for…
Healthcare finance
Get the funds you need for new medical equipment or working capital. We provide Small Business Loans that can help your healthcare company.Businesses in the healthcare and social services industries rely on payments from insurance agencies for their revenue. This can mean a delay when receiving payments. A small business loan from can keep you going…
An increase in construction and house renovations not only in the United States but also all over the world has led to an increase in the number of construction companies. However, demand in this industry is seasonal. Therefore, building businesses experience significant dips in working capital.Construction businesses may incur expenses on labor and supplies for a project before they get paid in full…
Dental practice financing
We understand that your patients are always expecting the best equipment, well-trained staff, and prompt solutions— with a financial partner such as Gokapital, which specializes in Dental practice Loans, you can meet all these demands.
Transportation financing
The trucking business is a capital-intensive venture with high and low months when business and the resultant cash flows fluctuate widely. The loans for truckers cover a number of costs such as covering the numerous tolls, hiring new drivers, expanding your existing fleet and general maintenance costs.
Cannabis business loans
With the growing popularity of marijuana decriminalization and legalization for medical and recreational uses, there are some great opportunities emerging for lucrative businesses in the cannabis industry.However, due to the nature of the cannabis-related business or shop, it can be difficult to secure a loan and the necessary financing from a traditional bank…
Loans for Professionals
Our loans for accountants program is here to help you. Due to the recent downturn in our economy, many small businesses have suffered from losses and cash shortages.Most have found it difficult to bounce back and acquire the funding they need from traditional funding sources…
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