Home Loans

At JaScott Enterprises and the CD Hooker Team, we understand that sometimes life happens before we are ready. We have partnered with investors to create a program that will allow us to finance your home while getting things in order.

Good Things Come in 3s


Choose Your Home

Start with our FREE application, work with one of our trained agents, and start shopping for the home of your choice!


Lease To Own

Our 3-year lease comes with perks! Our Success Program provides 24 months of financial coaching and credit repair throughout the lease to ensure you achieve homeownership.


Enjoy Homeownership

When you are ready to convert to a homeowner, your purchase price is set as low as 1% above the home’s original cost when leased. Plus, our program gifts you the down payment when you are ready to purchase.

Credit Requirement for Lender Financing

For customers who need financing, the biggest concern is if they will qualify. There are many factors involved, and each situation must be judged on a case-by-case basis. However, some basic factors are fairly standard.
Even if you do not meet one of these conditions, please fill out the form and contact Affordable Lending LLC Oftentimes, our lenders can work with individuals and families on a personal basis to overcome some of the credit challenges.


Thank you for your interest in JaScott.  We’d like to introduce you to our recommended lender- Affordable Lending LLC  With many years of experience in the industry and vast knowledge of programs and products, the LendingTree team can offer you more than just upfront and honest service.  They will handle all your financing needs with care and accountability.  Getting started on pre-qualifying or your online application is easy at Affordable Lending.  We do recommend you reach out and get to know the team as well so they can provide you with the best course of action for achieving your home buying goals.

For assistance in completing your application, or any questions about the lending process, please visit Affordable Lending LLC.