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Jascott is your one-stop shop for all your contracting needs. No matter how large or small your project is we’re here to help you build and repair your new or current home. Many of the experts on our team have been trusted experts in the Dallas Fort Worth area for the last 25 years. Check out some of our roofing work below!

Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling

Foundation issues can be a serious problem but we are Queens Village’s trusted foundation repair contractor and have solutions. We use non-invasive methods to lift and repair your Queens Village home’s foundation. The products we have a 25 year warranty.
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We also lift and level sunken concrete slabs. We inject PolyLEVEL, a polyurethane foam, beneath the slab lifting it back to a level position. We can level sidewalks, patios, garages, etc.
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Roof Repair

Most roof leaks are located around roof penetrations such as pipes, skylights, vents, bathroom/kitchen exhaust-fan vents and chimneys. Many times, the flashing around these areas needs to be resealed or replaced. Often, we are called to replace shingles that was damaged or have blown off the roof. Our expert team can provide you with a full report, a customized roof repair plan, of what needs to done so you can make an educated decision on materials and costs. We also offer preventative maintenance programs. Please contact us for details!

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