With Jascott’s Help, You Can Assist Clients While You Earn

With Jascott, just by being acquainted with Real Estate Investors or Business Owners, you can generate a hefty income.

Why Should You Partner With JaScott?

You will assist small company owners and property investors while also making money from each transaction. With the assistance of Jascott’s Referral Partners, we find small firms with genuine growth potential. It’s an excellent method to improve your connections and make money. Getting started is easy! Simply fill out the form provided, and a Jascott representative will get in touch within the next 24 hours providing you with the resources you require to start growing your revenue right away.

Quick Process

Our procedure is simple, and make decisions quickly.

Reasonable Commissions

Make money or give your clients discounts .

It’s Very Easy

Start referring by registering and you can start.

Assuring Smooth Progress

A comprehensive credit solution that provides your clients with the necessary finance.

24/7 Support

Directly communicate with a committed Account Executive

Quality Reputation

How Does The Program Work?

To help your clients and by doing so earn profits, you just have to partner with Jascott.


It’s Easy To Get Started!

Simply fill out the registration form below, and a Jascott representative will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours with all the resources you require to start growing your revenue right away.


How You Can Make Money

It’s that easy to recommend an entrepreneur that is actively searching for operating money! You get paid a commission following the approval and funding of a company loan. Read our guide at this link for a step-by-step explanation of how to become an effective loan agent.

As compared to a bank, Jascott provides more possibilities for business finance and has a quicker and simpler application procedure. We provide:

Broker Benefits

As a referral partner, offer your clientele flexible financing

No Upfront Costs

Registration with Jascott as a broker is completely free. Earn commissions right away.

Fast Approvals & Quick Process

The process for the loan approval is very easy and quick.

Dedicated Support & Training

Receive complete sales training and support as a Jascott referral partner.

Loans Are In Demand

There are over 30 million active small businesses in the whole U.S. that require business lending, but banks are playing the part they should.

More Loan Options

Offering business loans, hard money, commercial mortgages, business lines of credit equipment leasing, & more.

Sales Management CRM

Use Jascott’s user-friendly custom CRM to monitor the flow of business loans.

Best Commission Structure

With our extensive programs, earn extra commissions. Fund more and receive perks.

Great Company With Quality Reputation

Business Loan Affiliate Program

Members of the Jascott Business Loan Affiliate Program are eligible to get rewards for referring clients to our business by phone or online. The referral program is straightforward: you are paid if the customer you recommend fills out our form, meets the program’s eligibility requirements, and later receives funding. We also realize that phone calls are challenging to trace, so we do all in our power to make sure that our affiliates are paid for referring customers. Any affiliated member will be given the benefit of doubt if there is even the slightest chance that they might have referred a potential customer who called us.

Affiliate Programs With The Great Perks & Compensations

Jascott has one of the best affiliate programs for business loans, and we reward team members that produce more by giving them bonuses. We also recognize concerns regarding the appropriate reimbursement, and even though phone calls are challenging to trace, we attempt to get every qualified caller to complete a form to assist in further establishing their source if they came from a website. You can notice the tremendous earning opportunity for making money online even if you only try out our program for a short while. 

ISO Programs By JaScott

Jascott, a pioneer in alternate finance, also provides an ISO program for current lenders who wish to fund their clientele but haven’t been able to locate a lender with exceptionally low rates and the flexibility to finance when other lenders turn them down.
Due to our extensive industry knowledge and established networks, we are able to obtain your clients the funding they require for their businesses while still offering very affordable ISO commissions. Reach out to us and enroll in our ISO program to give us the opportunity to make you the profits you desire.

Why Work With JaScott?

Jascott believes that the success of our financial programs depends heavily on the performance of our affiliate partners. As a result, we make sure that referred agreements are compensated. We take the credibility of our affiliate program very seriously because it is our responsibility to get you compensated and gain your trust. If you’ve got any questions or issues, you can reach us at any time by email.
We will make a big effort to assist you in achieving your objectives, even customizing areas of monitoring to give team members the assurance that they are being paid fairly.
We are actively developing a unique affiliate network to make it simple to track data and get payouts timely. Join here for free if you’re interested in collaborating with our affiliate program.

We Offer A Variety Of Business Lending And Real Estate Financing Programs Nationwide

Whether your clients are seeking working capital to invest in their business, or financing for the purchase of a commercial property, Jascott has the option for you. With our suite of business loan products, you’ll be able to offer numerous solutions to your clients.
Jascott loan programs include working capital loans merchant cash of advances, equipment leasing, unsecured business loans, Real Estate Investment loans, hard money loans commercial mortgages, SBA loans, startup business loans, personal loans, and more.

Merchant Cash Advances

Revenue-based Business Loan

SBA Loans

Hard Money Loans (Fix & Flip)

Commercial Property Mortgages

Equipment Leasing and Financing

Startup Business Loans

Real Estate Investment Loans

Business Loan Consolidation

Loan Product Summary Guidelines

Requirements and Documents

Finances can help you with numerous urgent issues

Applying is free and won’t impact your credit.
Talk to a rep at (877) 360-7387


“The JaScott Team helped obtain several working capital loans that I used to invest and grow my real estate business. I will definitely use them again.”

Carolyn Hooker - Realtor

The CD Hooker Team Coldwell Banker Apex

“The JaScott team has provided working capital to help us complete some of our construction and renovation projects as well as helped my clients find funding for home repair projects.”

Chimere Crump

CEO of Heels of Steel Construction

“The JaScott team was able to help my client secure funding to renovate a transitional living home. The funding helped  my client efficient run their business and expand their ability to provide a place for those in need.”

Char Holland

CEO New Beginnings